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Wisconsin Department of Revenue Distributes Shared Revenue and Property Tax Credit Payments

Thursday, July 29th, 2021 -- 10:08 AM

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue distributed the following shared revenue and property tax credit payments, Monday, July 26th to counties, municipalities, school districts, technical colleges and special districts.

This is the first distribution for FY2022. The next distribution will be in November 2021. $147,531,999.81 went to First Dollar Credit, $112,961,357.75 to County-Municipal Aid, $11,496,490.78 to Utility Aid, $59,311,699.68 to Expenditure Restraint, $939,999,999.85 to School Levy Tax Credit, $10,000,000 to Video Service Provider Aid, and $98,047,058.69 to Exempt Computer Aid.  The total distribution comes to $1,370,569,213.09.

Wisconsin has a long history of sharing state revenues with local governments. State revenue sharing began in 1911 with the enactment of the state income tax and evolved over the years from a return-to-origins basis to a need-based system. More information on shared revenue can be found here.

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