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Former Abbotsford Daycare Owner Enters Plea for Leaving Children in Deplorable Conditions

Tuesday, July 27th, 2021 -- 3:01 PM

The former owner of a daycare in Abbotsford, and her husband, entered a plea to charges against them in Clark County Court after children in their care were discovered in deplorable conditions.

In April of 2019, authorities received reports from parents that their children had severe diaper rash that would only clear up after they weren’t at the daycare and their children seemed desperate for food when they’d get home.

Authorities had issues in the past with this daycare watching too many kids and other issues. At the beginning of April, authorities went to the daycare owned by Naomi Konieczny.

They discovered 11 children that day, six of which were in a dimly lit room strapped into high chairs, two strapped in car seats and two more in separate pack-and-plays. They had no toys or food.

In another room, they discovered a child in a pack-and-play with some plywood on the top. The plywood had nails in it, sticking into the pack-and-play. The home itself was in poor condition, with boxes and other clutter around the home.

When asked about some of the other accusations against her and the conditions of the home, Konieczny initially denied them, but then would later admit to them.

Konieczny would leave children in their car seats or in high chairs the entire time they were there and not provide them with food. She would also give the children Benadryl, even if they weren’t sick, in order to make them sleep the entire time they were there.

They would also threaten the children by stating if they didn’t behave, they would have their fingers chopped off, they would be sent outside naked, they would be pushed down the stairs or they would have to sleep in the garage.

Konieczny also admitted to verbally abusing children for soiling their diapers, children were pushed to the floor, dragged across the floor and heads banged into corners when they were told to go into time out.

During her recent court appearance, Naomi was found guilty of, due to a no contest plea, 8 counts of neglecting a child and 2 counts of 2nd degree recklessly endangering safety.  Several other charges were dismissed and read in.  She’s scheduled for sentencing on September 3rd.

Her husband, Gary, was found guilty of, due to a no contest plea, to 2nd degree recklessly endangering safety. He was sentenced to 2 years of probation.

Naomi’s daughter, Rachel Konieczny, was also charged for her part in the incident. Konieczny was found guilty of, due to a no contest plea, 7 counts of neglecting a child and 2nd degree recklessly endangering safety.

She was also found guilty of, due to a no contest plea, bail jumping as she left the state of Wisconsin at one point and, as a part of her bail conditions, she was not allowed to do so unless getting prior approval from the courts.

She was sentenced to 4 years in state prison, followed by 9 months in the local jail.  She will be on extended supervision for another 4 years after her time in prison.

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